Your Emerging Soul

A spiritual development course to take you on a magical exploration of higher consciousness, love, and the greater reality.

Imagine waking up every day feeling loved, loving, and worthy of being loved!

Imagine feeling at peace, no matter what the circumstances.

Imagine being able to see reality from the higher perspective of Spirit!

A magical exploration of higher consciousness, love, and the greater reality.


Divinely inspired and designed with Spirit’s help to
assist you in aligning with your highest self.

We Will Help You To:

Curious? Here’s a preview of the YES video course.

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Relax and enjoy. Learn at your own pace.

The course includes 11 chapters, all in video. You can start and stop any time. Missed a topic? You can replay it as many times as you’d like.

In this course you will learn:

How to deal in a healthy way with fear, doubt, grief, and other unwanted emotions

How to recognize thought patterns that keep you a prisoner of the ego

How to see with the eyes of the soul and respond to situations from a higher perspective

How to find peace in any situation

How to “sit in the power” (a method of alignment that goes beyond meditation)

Suzanne’s step-by-step method for attuning to higher consciousness

In this course you will learn:

Access a boundless existence and redefine your entire understanding of what is real.

Reveal the magical nature of your soul and your connection with the One Heart.

Experience the true meaning of consciousness and the joy that is your birthright.

Expand understanding beyond your physical body and move from thinking to sensing.

Learn Suzanne’s 7 steps for connecting with higher consciousness.

Discover practical applications for merging the ego with the soul.

Get started now!

What people have to say about YES:

“The Emerging Soul seminar was by far the best, in all ways, of any I have ever attended. So much information and a clear direction for my future growth. Many thanks to you and your “Team”. I am forever grateful.” K.L. Florida

“Completely blown away … amazed at what we were a part of this weekend. Thank you again and again.” I.V. South Carolina

“I am changed. Truly. The messages and gifts given this weekend have touched my soul and for the first time in a very VERY long time I woke with an enthusiasm and excitement to greet the day. I am blessed to have been a part of this and my gratitude knows no bounds.” M.A. Pennsylvania

“A rapid succession of ‘Aha’ moments. Truly life-changing to say the least. The “Your Emerging Soul” workshop gave me so much sacred knowledge to process, integrate, and practice. What a GIFT!!” D.V., Florida

A Message from Suzanne

“I state with full confidence that we are souls who walk in two worlds at once—the physical and the non-physical. It is at the soul level where we are connected … by love. Until the day comes when all of us have awakened to our true nature, I consider it the greatest possible service I can offer to be a Messenger of Hope.” – Suzanne Giesemann

“Suzanne is an exceptionally gifted visionary and practitioner.
Trust me on this…I know from first-hand experience.”

Dr. Wayne Dyer, Ph.D

“Suzanne is among the most gifted and among the most credible
of any genuine medium I have had the privilege to meet
and work with over the past 15 years.”

Dr. Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D.